At Universal, we have developed ways to give visability to your church outside its walls and help you stay current.

Our Ministry Tools:

  • CD-ROM - Electronic Directory
    • Introduce new attendees to your church family
    • Provide your staff & families with an electronic directory
    • Populate your church software program with professional portraits of your families
    • Load our HTML file onto your church website to create an updateable, online directory
  • myUCD App for Smartphone connections
  • 20 Pocket Size Directories w/o roster
  • 20 Pocket Size Directories with roster
  • 500 Postcards (Highlight upcoming services)
  • 500 Picture Business Cards
  • 500 Full Color Brochures
  • 250 Note Cards and Envelopes (Allowing you to share words of hope and encouragement with others)
  • Portrait Gift Certificates
  • Framed 16x20 Mosaic Portrait
  • 20 x 30 Wall Composite
  • 250 Easy Connect Brochures (140 family increments)
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