Bellew & JonesChurch Directories: A Family Tradition

United Church Directories was founded in 1963 by my father Del Bellew and my uncle Nelson Jones. They began with a vision and over the next thirty years, United Church Directories grew to serve 10,000 churches each year. Our company was built on quality, customer service, and integrity.

Our goal at United was to provide the best ministry tools for churches. After selling United Church Directories in 1995, I was away from the industry for a few years. In 2002 we began to talk with pastors across the country and discovered there was a need for a new type of directory. Pastor’s asked for a directory that would help build relationships and could be updated.

Our new family section styles, back cover pocket, binder cover and our updateable CD-ROM have enabled us to respond to the needs of today’s churches. An expanding selection of ministry tools, no-pressure selling and exceptional customer service have made our directory program the finest service available in the industry today.

In 2014, after graduatiing from College with a degree in Marketing and Management, my daughter, Marissa Bellew, joined the Universal Team as a Regional Manager of the Photography and Portrait Consulting department. She has been exposed to the church directory industry her entire life and becomes the third generation of the Bellew family to support churches in their various missions and goals through the use of the directory program.

For fifty years churches have trusted our family to provide their directory programs. We look forward to serving your church with a quality program that will connect your families and grow your ministry.


Jeffrey E. Bellew

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