Church Directories: A Family Tradition

United Church Directories was founded in 1963 by my father Del Bellew and my uncle Nelson Jones. They began with a vision and over the next thirty years, United Church Directories grew to serve 10,000 churches each year. Our company was built on quality, customer service, and integrity.


Universal Church Directories was formed in 2002 to create directory programs that are more functional for today's churches..

After we spoke with pastors and church members we knew we needed to make some changes to our program.

The same old same old doesn't work for all churches anymore. Today's churches require new options.

We then took our program apart and put together 3 New Program Options.

  • One geared to help with church growth.
  • One to meet the needs of expanding churches.
  • A new and improved version of the standard directory program.
  • Plus, we created a directory APP & gave churches total control.

Our program today has more ministry value than any program offered, Our new family section styles, back cover pocket, binder cover and our updateable APP & CD-ROM have enabled us to respond to the needs of today’s churches. An expanding selection of ministry tools, no-pressure selling and exceptional customer service have made our directory program the finest service available in the industry today. As you read through our options I am confidentthat you will find a program that will be beneficial to your church.

We would love the opportunity to serve you.


Jeffrey E. Bellew


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